Feeling alive and embodied is an act of self-love. It comes with investing in yourself and connecting in a way that gives meaning to each moment. In my quest to feel good, be pain free and heal, I have developed methods of eating, moving and relaxing that reflect the various body, movement and energetic modalities that I have studied.  Through my work, I realized that each person comes with a unique set of strengths and challenges; requiring a unique practice and program to suit their needs.  My degree in education enables me to teach to different learning models and create innovative lessons.  Through cooperation between teacher and students, we find fun, helpful and empowering wellness practices that enrich our lives.

Through the years, I have been an avid snowboarder, runner, cross-country skier, mountain biker, hiker and non-professional dancer.  During these activities I included some stretching and yoga however, I had no understanding of core strengthening, alignment or what good posture really meant.  Due to this,  I was never competent as I could have been and got injured more than necessary.

I began to studying Pilates in 2006 in New York City after repeative injuries incurred from improper movement alignment. Pilates healed me and helped me get into deeper contact with myself.

In 2009, I decided to get my mat certification at the Kane School in New York City.  I began to really understand what was happening with my posture and why I had been troubled with pain.  My pelvis was out of alignment which gave me low back and hip pain.  I learned how to methodically correct this misalignment and have been mostly pain free through this work.   Now, I am an alignment fanatic.  

I moved to Los Angeles and decided to get my equipment certification.  I looked around at the different certifications and found BASI (Body Arts and Science International) to be best suited for me.  It was a great move and I am proud to be a part of the BASI family.

I am also interested in a holistic approach to healing.  I have studied many healing techniques which I incorporate into my practice.  One of my favorite modalities is Reiki. It is a wonderful and unique fit as it informs me of imbalances both physical and emotional in the body and then it guides life force energy to places that Pilates can’t go....like your heart and spirit.  I use bodywork methods such as gentle massage, trigger point release and other minimal physical manipulations that facilitate a more balanced body and a sense of energetic relaxation.  I also like to use essential oils, healing herbs and sound to facilitate healing and well-being.  I am a very hands on teacher.  Touch is so vital and often lends a deeper understanding to be guided in new or difficult positions.   

I am so honored to do this wonderful work.  It is rewarding to engage with individuals and witness their postural changes, pain melt away and confidence soar.  

I have had the honor of studying and working with with many great movers and minds.  Here are a few

Kelly Kane - Rael Isacowitz - Mary Bond - Madeline Black - Jillian Hessel - Rebecca Rotstein - Brent Anderson - Jennifer Matthews -Margaret Ann Case- Katy Bowman



BASI Pilates Certification - Los Angeles, CA 

Mat Pilates Certification - Kane School - NYC

Advanced Reiki Practitioner - Open Center New York City 

Life Coach - Coaching for Transformation

BA Education - NAU