The term Reiki means Rei - life force and ki - energy.   It is one of the newly visioned forms of ancient hands on healing methods dating back to pre-history.  It is a subtle and beautiful modality for relaxation, inner peace and vitality.  

Becoming a Reiki practitioner changed my life.  It shifted old patterns of thought and behavior in ways that I could have never done through shear will.  It softened my grip on life and allowed love to flow through me.  Creating energy, motivation and deep intuitions.  I love to give and receive this unexplainable gift of life force energy.

I have been practicing and giving Reiki for about 15 years and am still amazed at its power.  I have had skeptics and non-believers walk away baffled at what they experienced.  It isn't really complicated.  We are energy beings; three dimensional expressions of light.  Born of star dust, we glow when we are fully seen.  Like the individual cells within us, we need physical connection or we atrophy.  Non-erotic physical touch is not something we are not afforded very often in current life.  It is a revelation to our molecules when given this gift of touch and presence.  

My most profound experience with Reiki was when my dearly beloved brother was dying of cancer.  He was a devout Christian and not very mystically oriented.  But he accepted my offer of Reiki one night when he was feeling discomfort and then asked for it repeatedly till his death.  He stated that it helped him sleep and have a general sense of well being.  Something that was rare in those last days.  


I do not charge for Reiki.  For me it is an energetic gift and needs to be free of the commercial constraints.  However, I also understand that exchange is an important element of healthy social interaction.  So I feel that donation or Dāna (the Buddist term for the virtue of generosity) works well for this exchange.  Dāna doesn't need to be money, so trade, gifts or creative exchange is fully acceptable.  Also, if you have nothing to give or offer, I will still be available for your healing.