Pilates is an intelligent exercise system that increases strength, balance, posture, coordination, and flexibility.  It is suitable for most people of any age, body type and skill level.  The exercises have multiple modifications allowing adaptions for specific needs - from deep, rehabilitating movement to rigorous sport enhancement. 

Joseph Pilates dedicated himself to physical, mental and spiritual well being and created this system throughout his lifetime.  He was influenced and guided by many people, dancers, athletes, situations and philosophies. Learn more about the history of Pilates: 


Body Arts and Science International (BASI) Pilates is an evolution in Pilates, developed by Rael Isacowitz.  Since the time of J. Pilates death in 1967, medicine, ergonomics and sports science have advanced in their understanding of the human body and its mechanics. While staying true to Joseph Pilates philosophies, there have been a few modifications in technique and form.  Importantly the understanding of alignment and neutrality of the core and extremities . BASI Pilates reflects these changes and has a reputation for innovation, dedication and academic excellence.  


The Kane School Comprehensive Pilates Mat Training is a certification program that is singular in its attention to assessment, biomechanics and application of musculoskeletal anatomy to the human form. The primary objective of Kane School Comprehensive Mat Certifications is to empower instructors by providing them with the skills to facilitate their clients’ achievement of specific strength and flexibility goals, while maximizing dynamic alignment and movement potential.