There is a joy that ripples through the body when it moves in harmony and balance. No matter the energy level or mood I’m in, with Anastasia’s advanced skills, experience, attention to detail, and intuition she finds the perfect things to do. I leave her sessions uplifted, energized, and happy-every time!
— Dr Irene Gabriel-Thomas
Anastasia is my secret weapon for staying healthy. She is so knowledgeable about the body, mind and spirit and how they are all connected. When you work with Anastasia you are not just getting a seasoned and passionate pilates teacher but a women that is sensitive to the fact that all body’s are different and have specific needs that change frequently. Anastasia listens and delivers a practice that heals and strengthens the body and the mind. I loose myself when I go to her studio and it is often one of the highlights of my day. I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their alignment, relieve pain and strengthen their body. I have scoliosis and I feel like my practice wth Anastasia has improved my curves and many others activities in my life. (Running, yoga practice, hiking and how I carry myself.) I am so grateful for Anastasia and her studio.
— Joelle Carter - Actress
Anastasia is healer, pure and simple. Yes, she’s an incredibly knowledgeable Pilates teacher... but she’s so much more than that. She has changed my body, aided my spirit and soul in times of need through her energy work, she is a gift to those she meets. I wouldn’t be who I am (in my body and mind) today if it weren’t for her. She’s so unbelievably special.
— Abby Miller - Actress
Anastasia is a unique professional who is extremely competent in the science of body and movement. She can partner with you by creating a customized approach to address the challenges today’s fast-paced world is imposing on our bodies. If you are looking at her website, chances are you’ve had enough of “assembly line” Pilates and you are not just here because you want to follow the latest craze in the fitness biz.
Her work- outs are simple yet very well thought of. From the moment you enter her studio, a private urban oasis, the focus will be on you. With Anastasia you will be in hands of a trainer who is cerebral yet intuitive; logical yet compassionate.
She is BASI- certified by the most reputable training programs in Southern California. She has formal teaching background which serves her well instructing using simple language. She quickly plans and smoothly executes her individual or group sessions. Even the terminology she uses –a “Pilates student” rather than a “client”- gives you a hint of her customized approach. At some point during the 5 years plus I have worked with her I realized she never quite repeats an exercise, and does not focus on the repetition and quantity but on the quality of your performance.
While remaining true to the principles and philosophy of Pilates, she does not follow any exercise dogmas, and creatively applies other techniques and approaches borrowed from yoga, gyro-tonics and variety of athletic programs she has had experience with.
Regardless of what your needs are: recovering from an illness or trauma, wanting to look like a Hollywood “hot-shot”, wanting to feel stronger, or simply standing up right, Anastasia will be your educated partner in developing an effective and adaptable program that is unique as you are.
— Dr Maria Pesheva
My life has changed since my first Pilates class with Anastasia. I have taken Pilates classes before but I have never met an instructor with better knowledge of the practice or understanding of how it applies to the individual body.
Not only has my improved strength and balance bolstered my confidence, but her work with me before and after my hip replacement has helped me have a complete recovery in record time.
I am 70 something and have been working with her for a couple of years and with her help I plan to have a retirement full of activity and a good strong life.
Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your health and well-being...
— Pam Kalmus - Sales Manager
Anastasia is a great listener. Each class is fun, different, and is tailored to what you and your body needs each visit. One mention of any planned activity coming up and she will automatically adjust the class to prep you for whatever lies ahead.
— Chris Stephen - sound engineer

I started seeing Anastasia with the expectation of improving my Pilates form. What I did not expect was to find a teacher whose wisdom far exceeds the physical; someone with an intuitive and nuanced understanding of how your body connects to your thoughts, your emotions, your spiritual awareness and even to what you eat. Anastasia is a truly holistic healer who has deepened my understanding of how the mind and body relate on a profound level. My sessions with her are way more than workouts - they are a special opportunity for self care that I look forward to every week
— Martha Mulholland - Interior designer

Anastasia has been helping me for years now and without question has changed my life. In a fun, highly personal, and caring way, she has improved my strengths and limited my weaknesses. She has become a key advisor with my health and fitness overall, even outside the walls of her studio. Thank you Anastasia!
— John Chaffetz - entrepreneur